Oil and Walnut Alkyd on Panel 18×24″


Commissioned by the Cannabis Museum in Ohio

The origins of the plant medicine Cannabis, is mystically thread throughout the magic legends and stories of the ancients… But this we know, it has brought such amazing medicine of healing and revealing for a very long time. This painting was inspired by Mongolian Shamans, and the amazing Yaks in the beautiful landscapes of Siberia.

Andromeda and DragonFlies spin the creation story from star  light and dreamtime, unveiled at this time.

The hummingbird represents the joy that is found in the emerald cove of the Earth Cultivator’s heart. The crown is a cola of violet flame illumination.

May all Earth’s Medicines Be Liberated, beyond legalities.. Natural Law..

And May All Earth’s Medicine People be Protected, as they help to guide us in remembrance,

how to walk in balance, and understand the Plant People in a Good Way