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 I call these commissions my collection of pictoracles — they come straight from you through me and into our collective experience. I would be honored to work with you in this way.

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So glad you made it here with your curiosity and inspiration! I love working with people to unfold an intuitive painting that can be a medicine piece, as well as a commemorative one. I find that I enter a place that is quite oracular when I create. When we collaborate, doors open for both of us, and we make something truly special and magical. Let’s explore our synergistic potential!


Start by filling out this form below. Let me know your inspiration and vision. How large and how much detail? Is this a family portrait in the likeness of your family, or spirit essence? Is this a dedication or a gift for a new baby coming? Do you want me to feel into your energy, and create something we both couldn’t even imagine? Once I get your form, we will set up a time to talk  on the phone. I will then send you a quote and an estimated timeline for completion. Please note, these projects have timelines of their own, but I will do my best to complete in the time range we discuss. Feel free to muse the painting process, by sending images, inspired books to read, etc. I will pull from the ethers as well, which is where it gets super magical.  I will take a nonrefundable downpayment of $250 that will go towards the completion of the painting. This will be a mock up down by either pencil, water color, digital, or all three. Once you ask for any changes and then approve the composition , I begin  the work on canvas.  Usually I take 50% upfront, minus the $250 down,  and then receive the rest upon completion. We can discuss a payment plan that’s right for you if this doesn’t work.  I am happy to send progress images, unless you would like to be surprised at the finished work. Some people like to give a lot of input, while others like to have me steer the ship of creation. We can discover how we will work together in the initial consultation.

Something to keep in mind…

The commissioner owns the painting while the artist owns the image.

As the artist, I will keep the copyright of the image, so I will be able to make prints of the completed work. I do not always choose to do so, especially if it is a family portrait style image. The commissioner may request for me not too, in which case there will be an additional cost added to the finished work. If the commissioner would like to use the image for a logo or album cover, etc, we will work out a contract for licensing the image.  The commissioner owns the painting while the artist owns the image.




“Unveiling the Beyul”

Unveiling the Beyul tells the story of a physical and spiritual journey into homecoming and wholeness. I had written accounts of my pilgrimages deep into the mountains of Nepal and Tibet to the Beyul’s or hidden lands, and a very mystical ascent of Mt. Shasta, but I had hoped to find an artist who could take my story to another level. When my wife Veda and I settled in our little cabin between Mt. Shasta and Mt. Ashland, we met Lindy and we knew she was the one to take on this project. Lindy came to our land and meditated before starting this magnum opus. She drew water from Shasta’s sacred spring to mix her stoneground paints, and transformed this sacred journey of ours into a wonderland of eloquence. Now years later, we still find new meaning and archetypal expressions in her masterpiece, which was also included in Alex Grey’s journal CoSm. Lindy is a wonderful sister and her transformational art has brought us so much light, love and laughter.

~ Gary Thundercloud

“Guardian of the Medicine Gardens”

I have not had a good opportunity to thank you for creating this incredible painting for the Cannabis Museum. We have watched you and your career since art school. We jumped at the chance to commission a work enabling you to envision the spirit of Cannabis. You researched the origins of the plant and its history at the center of many of the world’s theologies. You captured her spirit. We could not be more pleased.

Don E Wirtshafter, Director
Cannabis Museum 
Athens, OH 45701

“Morningstar Family”

We love this soul portrait of our family. Lindy came to our home and interviewed us, looked around the property and got a feel for our family and the love between us. She painted the portrait as a birthday present for Howard. Everyone was in it, magically, even the two babies who arrived over a year later, portrayed as little spirits around the fire. It hangs in our living room for everyone to see as soon as they enter our home, and adds beauty and joy to our environment. Thank you so much Lindy!!

~ Sue Morningstar

“Sary & Son’s Shasta Haven”

I have admired Lindy Kehoe’s art since I first met her in Mount Shasta, California at the Winter Solstice of 2006.
 I kept a piece of hers from that night on my altar for over a decade. It was a painting of a woman and a child.
So fitting because just days after meeting, I moved to Mexico where my son was conceived months later.
I have always desired a custom family portrait from Lindy and in 2020 my dream came true.
I had bought my first home for my son and I in 2018 before becoming gravely ill.
I wanted Lindy’s help capturing the spirit of our family, including My son’s father who had passed during my pregnancy,
and to leave a gift for my future grandchildren.
The whole process with Lindy was one of the most beautiful aspects of my life and healing journey.
I felt like she really traveled with me into a most magical place to extract the essence of every aspect of me, my son, his father, our home and animals and all that was sacred to us.
When I met the piece that Lindy made for us, it felt like home. My home finally felt like home because that spirit of us that Lindy captured WAS home.
My health has returned and my home is now a healing sanctuary.
Our family legacy painting remains for all time above the mantle in the living room and all who enter our sanctuary are touched by it.
Working with Lindy was truly an honor and a gift!
~Sary Dobhran

“Gene’s Flame”

It was a delight having Lindy do an intuitive painting for me in 2018. She included the elements I wanted: my hands, since I’m an energetic healer, and a representation of Mt. Shasta, which has importance to me. The face she explained is an amalgam of my ‘guides’. A heart space that radiates. There’s DNA, and what I missed at first, steps leading to the heart. The gem is at the 3rd eye. I work with St. Germaine’s Violet Flame of Transmutation and she used a lot of violet in the painting. I’m not sure if the gold was because I also work with golden light or perhaps she felt something shining from me. When she sent me a photo of the painting, there was something minor I wanted changed. Friends thought I was nuts to request any changes when an intuitive artist had painted what she ‘saw’. She made the change without complaint. The painting hangs behind the chair where I’m sitting to do Zoom sessions. People often comment about it. Since I live where we can get fires, I know if I ever had to evacuate, one of the things I’d grab would be Lindy’s painting.

Gene Tresenfeld

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