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Awesome New Stickers!

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Stay tuned, my sticker collection is growing! I finally found the yummy way to present my lil’ water colors, thru die-cut stickers! Vinyl and super glossy, they add magic to any old thing!

Unveiling of “The Guardian of the Sacred White Bundle”

By News

This past Saturday, February 21st, I unveiled “Guardian of The Sacred White Bundle”.  This took place at the Temple Emek Shalom, during a benefit  for two women in our community that have been healing cancer.  I created an altar for the painting, which held the 4 directions, 5 elements, as well as sacred earth medicines in the center.

It was through this unveiling that more was revealed to me about the strong medicine of this painting.  I learned that Arvol Looking Horse, Lakota Chief as well as 19th generation Keeper of the Sacred Bundle of White Buffalo Calf Woman, is coming to our town this June.  He will be facilitating a 4 day ceremony called World Peace and Prayer Day.  I was not even aware that this bundle existed in this way, let alone the Keeper.  When I learned this information, my heart lit up and my Spirit soared with such a relief! The sensation that my work as a painter is merging with my work as a Medicine Woman.

This has been the most potent and profound unveiling of any work of mine, as it has revealed a deeper sense of connection and guidance from a source greater than my own creativity.





For more information regarding World Peace and Prayer Day visit:

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