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 “Home on a Giggle” 2003 written by Nancy Beres

“Last Wild Witch” 2010 written by Star Hawk

“Remind Me That I’m Wild” 2015 written by Tera Freese

2010 Spirituality & Health Magazine Featured Artist

2016 Collab Magazine Featured Artist, Cover

2017 Echo Magazine Featured Artist


2002 Lamborne’s Gallery : Athens, Ohio

2002 Bone Gallery : Athens, Ohio

2003 Doubting Thomas Gallery : Cleveland, Ohio

2004 Casa Nueva  : Athens, Ohio

2005 Donkey : Athens, Ohio

2008 Bohemia Gallery : Ashland Oregon

2010 Culture Works : Ashland, Oregon

2014 Elixart : Nevada City, California

2015 Elixart : Nevada City, California

2017/18 Elixart Nevada City, California


My work is inspired by serendipity, a momentary feeling of interconnected magic, that often feels like a dream.  I am motivated to create images that bring peaceful energy to the viewer, a place of remembrance, a place of innocence. The Oracular tendency keeps me fascinated by the mystical process.


Bachelors of Fine Art – 2002 Ohio University
Certified Art Educator K-12


2011 Silver Nautilus Award for “The Last Wild Witch”


Middle School Art Teacher River School : Napa, California 2006-2007


2004 Pittsburgh Fine Arts Festival : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2007 Harmony Festival : Sebastopol, California

2011 Beloved Music Festival : Tide Water, Oregon

2013 Peace Village : Ashland, Oregon

2014 Beloved Music Festival : Tide Water, Oregon

2015 In’ lakesh : Ashland, Oregon

2017 Oregon Country fair


2003 North Allegheny Alumni Art Exhibition, Foreland Street Studio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2006 Metamedia Cooperation 2  : Eugene, Oregon

2006 Interdimensional Art Show  :  Seattle, Washington

2007 Synergenesis : San Fransisco, California

2007 Metamedia Cooperation 3 : Eugene, Oregon

2008 Interdimensional Art Show : Seattle, Washington

2009 Art Center Grand Opening : Ashland, Oregon

2009 Interdimensional Art Show : San Fransisco, California

2009 Interdimensinal Art Show : Seattle, Washington

2009 Interdimenstional Art Show : Eugene, Oregon

2015 Casa Nueva : Athens, Ohio

2018 Elixart : Nevada City, California

2018 The Portal : Ashland , Oregon

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